Prague Concerts – Concert Tickets

The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra was first presented to the public under the leadership of Antonín Dvorák in 1896, and its high artistic standard has been maintained throughout its existence. It works with a large number of the world’s leading conductors and interpreters, promotes Czech music throughout the world and has a very good reputation. The Czech Philharmonic is based in the Neo-Renaissance Rudolfjnum in Prague.

The Prague Symphony Orchestra is another leading orchestra on the Czech music scene. Its imaginative range links world-famous classical works with new ideas and it works with promising young interpreters. The orchestra is based in the Smetana Hall in the Art Nouveau Municipal House. Both bodies offer a wide variety of high-quality concerts throughout the concert season. The concerts by these two orchestras are the basis of musical life during the year. Prague’s palaces, churches, gardens and attractive spaces are brought to life daily by a whole range of musical productions by various chamber bodies, singing ensembles, jazz groupings and other interesting bodies.

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