The Passion Play Oberammergau 2022

A play of life and death, promised in a moment of mortal threat – so began the history of the Oberammergau Passion Play in 1633. In the middle of the Thirty Years War, after months of suffering and death from the plague, the Oberammergauers swore an oath that they would perform the “Play of the Suffering, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ” every ten years.

At Pentecost 1634, they fulfilled their pledge for the first time on a stage they put up in the cemetery above the fresh graves of the plague victims. In the year 2022, the Community of Oberammergau will perform the Passion Play, they have preserved throughout the centuries with singular continuity, for the 42nd time.

The premiere of the 42nd Passion Play will be in May 2022. The tradition, maintained and experienced almost without interruption for over 380 years, of putting on the play about the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ every ten years is regarded as the most important passion play in the world.

Oberammergau Travel Packages

Worldwide Ticketing is proud to provide a travel package that will provide everything you need to enjoy the Oberammergau Passion Play. The premiere of the 42nd Passion Play will be in May 2022. You can pre-purchase your package now via the form below and we will stay in contact with you, providing further news and information.

We will also be providing a tour (contact us for more information) and we can supply you with tickets to the Bach Festival in 2022 or the Bayreuth Ring Cycle 2022 Tour.

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