Moulin Rouge

Nonchalance, light-heartedness and ‘joie de vivre’… these are the words that could best sum-up this unique period in the history of France. It was a moment of respite between two wars, a period of transition between two centuries, during which social barriers collapsed and the industrial revolution gave hope of a better life for all, in a rich cultural profusion of fun and frivolity. The middle-class mixed the riff-raff; popular culture was enhanced by a happy disorder of job and vitality. In this atmosphere, which favored artistic creativity, literary circles appeared and disappeard according to chance encounters, which painters and illustrators grew increasingly inspired by this joyful, sometimes outrageous but full of fantasy atmosphere that broke with the former rigid classicism of the period ‘Japonism’, a movement of Far-Eastern inspiration which used Japanese influences in French art, was at its height.

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Shows begin at 9pm and 11pm

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