The Lucerne Festival

Music that sounds as its creators imagined it. Musicians who play with rapture and commitment. Concert-goers who take leisurely plunges into worlds of sound, far removed from the bustle of everyday life. The Lucerne Festival makes it all possible, and has been doing so for more than seventy years. Nestled on idyllic Lake Lucerne in one of the world’s most beautiful Old Towns, every year the city becomes a meeting place for leading performers from all over the globe – famous orchestras, legendary conductors, virtuoso soloists – who convene to celebrate a festival of sound. In Jean Nouvel’s concert hall, equally famous for its phenomenal acoustics and exquisite architecture, they encounter a no less polyglot audience: some 120,000 visitors make their way to Lucerne every year to attend its three festivals – at Easter, in Summer, and at the Piano.

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