Vienna Imperial Train Tours

Majestic Imperator Imperial Train is an event and passenger train with nostalgic atmosphere.

The Majestic Imperator Imperial Train brought back to life the former imperial-royal train of Emperor Franz Josef I and his wife Elisabeth built 1891. About 150 dinner seats in six wagons provide a uniquely beautiful atmosphere for your journey to Central European cities and sceneries, dinner excursions around Vienna, for your private and corporate events or even for your presentations. And all of that including a culinary indulgence and entertainment programme.

You will not only get a chance to get in touch with the traditions of the Imperial era with themed tours like “Following the Emperor’s Footprints”.You will, as well, be able to reconnect with the past and establish a connection to the present. Why not go to a wine tasting in beautiful Burgenland, travelling on a train of nostalgic atmosphere, go hiking on the Semmering or take a guided tour through the Central Cemetery?

One thing is certain: Our wish is to provide our guests with a unique experience, a special day, and a little bit of deceleration and relaxation with our Majestic Imperator.

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