Black Light Theatre Prague

Black theatre is different; the light is different and the dark is different. The intense darkness of black theatre is full of fantasy. Poetic pictures are approaching you from the mysterious and almost indefinite depth of a black cabinet. You cannot see the actors, as they are invisible. Suddenly you can see them rather well and almost dangerously close. Dance will express the unspoken, disturb emotions and overcome laws of physics. Music will bring inanimate to life, tragic will change into comic, unbelievable will become real. And, moreover, your imagination will fully awake. If you are willing to join our exploration, inside you may find something you have never known existed.

The original principles of black-light theatre, illusory creations, altered reality perception, the revealing of the hidden secrets of things and the magic world of their transformations, mime and modern dance are today offered by black-light theatres in various variations. Black-light Theatre of F. Kratochvíl bears the name of the painter and graphic artist whose creations are brought to life in all performances. Image Theatre combines the principles of black-light theatre, mime and ballet. Black light theatre of Jirí Srnec РSrnec was one of the founders of black-light theatre Рuses mime communication and the attractiveness of technical procedures. Ta Fantastika Theatre combines specific black-light theatre effects and animated film with live actors. A new musical project of ACT Theatre uses the old legend and draws on the tradition of Czech puppet plays.

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