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Alice Springs Holidays

Apartment Accommodation

Alice Springs Holidays Apartment Accommodation

We know a place that will intoxicate your senses. A place where the images and colours are simply breathtaking. A place where you'll stare in wonder at all that nature has created as you come face-to-face with unique, pristine environments, few people witness. A place, where you can actually touch a culture that is as old as time itself and see historical moments in time that were created millions of years ago. A place that will simply captivate you. This place is called Central Australia, and Alice Springs Holidays can take you there.

Alice Springs Holidays Apartment Accommodation

Live the adventure ... Welcome to Alice Springs Holidays where you can rejuvenate your spirits with a selection of unique nature-based adventure holidays. Here you can interact with your environment and explore a timeless world of charm and mystique. Imagine strolling through the magnificent Standley Chasm, enjoying a gourmet picnic lunch against a panoramic backdrop that demands attention.

Picture an invigorating swim in the tranquil waters of an oasis called Ellery Creek Big Hole, or wandering amongst the Rock Wallabies as they relax in the morning sun.  Perhaps you'd enjoy floating aloft in a hot-air balloon as you look down upon a stunning vista of colour and texture.

Or maybe you'd enjoy a glass of champagne while the setting sun takes centre-stage over the incomparable Uluru, followed by a romantic dinner under the open skies of the great Southern Cross. Or perhaps you just wish to gaze over the spectacular McDonnell Ranges as you contemplate the wonder of it all. Whatever your preference, Alice Springs Holidays can promise you an unforgettable experience.

Touring ... Alice Springs Holidays touring programme is designed to make touring a friendly and comfortable experience with the same guide accompanying the group for the entire tour. We are not a fully modulised, fully optional touring system as some other touring programs are. Enjoy the true friendship of old style touring where you as an individual matter.

Alice Springs Holidays Apartment Accommodation

Central Australia ... The Aborigines often refer to it as the land of the Dreamtime. We couldn't think of a more apt description. Whether it's the majestic presence of Uluru, the astonishing sixty-thousand year old aboriginal rock art, or the invigorating experience of a desert sunrise, Central Australia will mesmerise you with images that can be seen nowhere else on earth. Here, time is meaningless as you experience a culture and eco-system that will inspire wonderment and awe.

Luxury Camping ... Looks after your every need. It truly is the only way for discerning travellers to see the Australian Outback. To ensure your personal comfort and safety every step of the way, our tours are carefully planned. Meals are a mix of gourmet foods, popular local cuisine and our famous Camp Oven Kitchen. Travel is in luxury air-conditioned vehicles, while all accommodation is handpicked for service and quality. Our Luxury Camping is renowned for its style and attention to detail

In your own time ... Your holiday is all about indulgence. It's about savouring the moment and taking whatever time you need to fully appreciate the irresistible charm of these extraordinary places. Time will take care of itself as we guide you through a relaxing, unhurried wish list of sights and sounds.

In your own space ... Enjoy your own space without the distraction of noisy crowds and tight schedules. Our tour groups are small to ensure flexibility and a sense of privacy for all as you experience a truly authentic outback encounter.

Please contact us here to find out how you can discover the wonders of the Australian Outback.



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