The Ravenna Festival

Ravenna Festival is the youngest of all the major European events. In 2004 it celebrated its fifteenth anniversary, yet not only the artistic achievements, but also its size, make it an event of unquestionable importance.

Thanks to its intense programming, participation of the greatest contemporary musical and theatrical talents, huge audiences and constant media attention, the Festival has achieved authority and ever greater and widespread recognition over the years. While the mainstay of the Festival is music, it is a multidisciplinary event and operates with original productions ranging from opera to concerts, dance to jazz, ethnic music, drama, experimentation, film, conventions and exhibitions.

One of the distinguishing features of the festival’s programming is the number of events staged in the town’s extraordinary and extremely rich monumental heritage. Not just the theatres, but also the splendid Byzantine basilicas, cloisters, piazzas and industrial archaeologies provide the settings which attribute a particular charm to the event, creating that added value which is the result of the magical combination of art and music.

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Ravenna Festival Tickets

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