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Glyndebourne Festival

Dates for Glyndebourne Festival 2014 will be made available once they are announced.

The 2013 Festival production of the La Boheme

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Glyndebourne Festivals Seating Plan

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DateOperaStartLong IntervalFinish
Sat 17 May 2014Der Rosenkavalier4:357:10*9:40
Sun 18 May 2014Eugene Onegin3:506.20*8:25
Wed 21 May 2014Der Rosenkavalier4:357:10*9:40
Thur 22 May 2014Eugene Onegin5:057:35*9:40
Sat 24 May 2014Der Rosenkavalier4:357:10*9:40
Sun 25 May 2014Eugene Onegin(PPT)3:506:20*8:25
Wed 28 May 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.35*9:40
Thur 29 May 2014Der Rosenkavalier4:357:10*9:40
Sat 31 May 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.35*9:40
Sun 1 June 2014Der Rosenkavalier(PPT)3:205:55*8:25
Tue 3 June 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.35*9:40
Thur 5 June 2014Der Rosenkavalier4:357:10*9:40
Fri 6 June 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.35*9:40
Sat 7 June 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Sun 8 June 2014Der Rosenkavalier(PPT)3:205:55*8:25
Wed 11 June 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Thur 12 June 2014Der Rosenkavalier4:357:10*9:40
Fri 13 June 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.35*9:40
Sat 14 June 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Sun 15 June 2014Der Rosenkavalier3:205:55*8:25
Tue 17 June 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.35*9:40
Wed 18 June 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Thur 19 June 2014Der Rosenkavalier4:357:10*9:40
Fri 20 June 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.35*9:40
Sat 21 June 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Sun 22 June 2014Der Rosenkavalier3:205:55*8:25
Tue 24 June 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.35*9:40
Thur 26 June 2014Der Rosenkavalier4:357:10*9:40
Fri 27 June 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Sat 28 June 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Sun 29 June 2014Eugene Onegin3:506:20*8:25
Wed 2 July 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Thur 3 July 2014Der Rosenkavalier4:357:10*9:40
Fri 4 July 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Sat 5 July 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.35*9:40
Sun 6 July 2014La finta giardiniera(SE/PPT)3:505:158:25
Tue 8 July 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.35*9:40
Wed 9 July 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Thur 10 July 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Fri 11 July 2014Eugene Onegin5:057.359:40
Sun 13 July 2014Don Giovanni(PPT)3:555.358:25
Tue 15 July 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Wed 16 July 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Thur 17 July 2014La traviata5:507:159:40
Fri 18 July 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Sat 19 July 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Sun 20 July 2014La traviata(SE)4:356:008:25
Wed 23 July 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Thur 24 July 2014La traviata5:507:159:40
Fri 25 July 2014Don Giovanni(ERR)5:106:509:40
Sat 26 July 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Sun 27 July 2014La traviata(PPH/ERR)4:356:008:25
Tue 29 July 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Wed 30 July 2014La traviata(ERR)5:507:159:40
Thurs 31 July 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Fri 1 August 2014Don Giovanni5:106:509:40
Sat 2 August 2014La traviata5:507:159:40
Sun 3 August 2014La finta giardiniera(PPT)3:505:158:25
Tue 5 August 2014La traviata5:507:159:40
Thu 7 August 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Fri 8 August 2014La traviata5:507:159:40
Sat 9 August 2014Rinaldo(PPT)5:007:35*9:40
Sun 10 August 2014La traviata(PPH)4:356:008:25
Mon 11 August 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Tue 12 August 2014Rinaldo(Exlusive <30)5:007:35*9:40
Wed 13 August 2014La traviata5:507:159:40
Thu 14 August 2014Rinaldo5:007:35*9:40
Fri 15 August 2014La finta giardiniera5:056:309:40
Sat 16 August 2014La traviata5:507:159:40
Sun 17 August 2014Rinaldo(PPH)3:456:20*8:25
Mon 18 August 2014La finta giardiniera(JS)(<30)5:056:309:40
Tue 19 August 2014Rinaldo(JS)5:007:35*9:40
Wed 20 August 2014La traviata5:507:159:40
Thu 21 August 2014La finta giardiniera(JS)5:056:309:40
Fri 22 August 2014Rinaldo(JS)5:007:35*9:40
Sat 23 August 2014La traviata5:507:159:40
Sun 24 August 2014Rinaldo3:456:20*8:25

Worldwide Ticketing proudly offers Glyndebourne Festivals Tours and Packages

For more information about Glyndebourne Festivals,
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