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New Year's Day Concert in Vienna
Musikvervein, Vienna - 1 January 2015

This is a very special experience not to be missed and to hold the memories for a life time!

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Conductor: Zubin Mehta
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New Year Concert

New Years Day Concert

Worldwide Ticketing is proud to offer
New Years Day Concert in Vienna - Musikvervein 2015 tickets
Our office has been promoting and selling tickets to the New Year’s Day Concert since 1990

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New Year's Day Concert

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Date: 01-01-2015, 11:15

Location: Musikverein, Large Hall (Vienna, Austria)

Conductor: Zubin Mehta

Event & Pricing Information

CATEGORY Event Price (Each Person)
1 AUD $5,800.00 per person
2 AUD $5,300.00 per person
3 AUD $4,800.00 per person
4 AUD $3,900.00 per person
5 AUD $3,700.00 per person
6 AUD $2,900.00 per person
Standing Room AUD$450.00 per person

New Year's Eve Concert

The Concert is also performed on New Year's Eve (click )

Worldwide Ticketing is proud to offer
New Years Day Concert in Vienna - Musikvervein 2015 tickets

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  • CATEGORY 1 - located in the first 18 rows of Parterre or Orchestral seating
  • CATEGORY 2 - located in row 19 - 32 of Parterre or Orchestral seating
  • CATEGORY 3 - located in Parterre Logen Seating & Balkon Seating
  • CATEGORY 4 - located in Balkon Logen Seating
  • CATEGORY 5 - located in Galerie Seating
  • CATEGORY 6 - located in Orgelbalkon Seating
  • STANDING ROOM - located at the back of the Great Hall on the ground floor

Worldwide Ticketing is proud to offer
New Years Day Concert in Vienna - Musikvervein 2015 tickets

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Zubin Mehta

Zubin Mehta

New Year's Concert 2015 with Zubin Mehta

Zubin Mehta will conduct the 2015 New Year's Day Concert at the Musikverein and New Year's Eve Concert.

This will be the 5th New Year's Day Concert he has conducted in the years 1990, 1995, 1998 and 2007.


Zubin Mehta was born in 1936 in Bombay and received his first musical education under his father's Mehli Mehta's guidance who was a noted concert violinist and the founder of the Bombay Symphony Orchestra. After a short period of pre-medical studies in Bombay, he left for Vienna in 1954 where he eventually entered the conducting programme under Hans Swarowsky at the Akademie für Musik. Zubin Mehta won the Liverpool International Conducting Competition in 1958 and was also a prize-winner of the summer academy at Tanglewood. By 1961 he had already conducted the Vienna, Berlin and Israel Philharmonic Orchestras and has recently celebrated 50 years of musical collaboration with all three ensembles.

Zubin Mehta was Music Director of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra from 1961 to 1967 and also assumed the Music Directorship of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra in 1962, a post he retained until 1978. In 1969 he was appointed Music Adviser to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and was made Music Director of that orchestra in 1977. In 1981 the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra awarded him the title of Music Director for life. Zubin Mehta has conducted over three thousand concerts with this extraordinary ensemble including tours spanning five continents. In 1978 he took over the post as Music Director of the New York Philharmonic commencing a tenure lasting 13 years, the longest in the orchestra's history. Since 1985, he has been chief conductor of the Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in Florence.

Zubin Mehta made his debut as an opera conductor with Tosca in Montreal in 1963. Since then he has conducted at the Metropolitan Opera New York, the Vienna State Opera, the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, La Scala Milano, and the opera houses of Chicago and Florence as well as at the Salzburg Festival. Between 1998 and 2006 he was Music Director of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. In October 2006 he opened the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in Valencia and is since then the President of the annual Festival del Mediterrani in Valencia where he conducted the celebrated Ring cycle with the Fura del Baus in coproduction with the Florence opera house. Other Ring cycles were completed at the Chicago Opera and the Bavarian State Opera.

Zubin Mehta's list of awards and honours is extensive and includes the "Nikisch-Ring" bequeathed to him by Karl Böhm. He is an honorary citizen of both Florence and Tel Aviv and was made an honorary member of the Vienna State Opera in 1997, of the Bavarian State Opera in 2006 and of the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Wien in 2007. The title of "Honorary Conductor" was bestowed to him by the following orchestras: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (2001), Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (2004), Los Angeles Philharmonic (2006), Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (2006), Bavarian State Orchestra (2006), with whom he performed in Srinagar, Kashmir in September 2013.

In October 2008 Zubin Mehta was honoured by the Japanese Imperial Family with the "Praemium Imperiale". In March 2011 Zubin Mehta received a special distinction, in getting a star on the Hollywood Boulevard. The Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany was bestowed to him in July 2012. The Indian Government honoured him in September 2013 with the "Tagore Award for cultural harmony" which a year earlier was awarded to Ravi Shankar.

Zubin Mehta continues to support the discovery and furtherance of musical talents all over the world. Together with his brother Zarin he is a co-chairman of the Mehli Mehta Music Foundation in Bombay where more than 200 children are educated in Western Classical Music. The Buchmann-Mehta School of Music in Tel Aviv develops young talent in Israel and is closely related to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, as is a new project of teaching young Arab Israelis in the cities of Shwaram and Nazareth with local teachers and members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchester

Worldwide Ticketing is proud to offer
New Years Day Concert in Vienna - Musikvervein 2015 Tickets

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The History of the Vienna Philharmonic´s New Year's Concerts

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra's New Year's Concert is by far the most popular of this orchestra's functions, but also Austria's most noteworthy cultural export. Throughout the world the Vienna Philharmonic's New Year's Concert is televised worldwide and is without doubt the most widely seen and heard of all regular musical presentations performed in the equally famous Musikvervein Concert Hall. Reaching an audience of over 1,200 million people since transmission commenced in the Republic of China in the 1990's.

Inside Austria it constitutes an important part of the nation's cultural identity. The worldwide popularity of the New Year's Day Concert goes all the way back to the "King of the Waltz" himself Johann Strauss. The historical facts, however, tell quite a different story. Despite the fact that many future Philharmonic members began their careers in Strauss' orchestra, the "Philharmonic Concert Association", as it was called at the time, generally ignored the most charming and "Viennese" music which has ever been written. Probably the musicians did not wish to jeopardize the social advancement they had experienced upon becoming members of the Philharmonic by associating themselves with dance and entertainment music. It should be noted, however, that the Strauss dynasty enjoyed the highest respect among great composers of the day, such as Richard Wagner and Johannes Brahms. The Philharmonic musicians themselves, through several encounters with Johann Strauss, had opportunity to observe the importance of this music and the charismatic personality of its creator, which had enraptured all of Europe

It has long been a Philharmonic tradition at the New Year to present a program consisting of the lively and at the same time nostalgic music from the vast repertoire of the Johann Strauss family and its contemporaries.

Worldwide Ticketing is pleased to be able to offer tickets for this most prestigious event in the Musikvervein Concert Hall and being a part of a very unique experience.

New Years Day Concert in Vienna

Worldwide Ticketing is proud to offer
New Years Day Concert in Vienna - Musikvervein 2015 tickets

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